Scaredy Bat

Children's Book for iPad

The dark can be scary, even for a bat!

Scaredy Bat is the heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship between Bat, who is scared of the dark, and Frog, who is trying to sleep nearby. Bat keeps Frog awake with his crying, and Frog learns that he has to be nice to Bat in order to solve his problem.

The book also includes the original animated short film, Scaredy Bat.

Scaredy Bat Figurine

Own Scaredy Bat in real life by 3D printing this collectible figurine for your kids!

Modeled by Greg Perkins exclusively for the crew of the Scaredy Bat animated short film to celebrate the end of production, this digital file is now available for purchase. Send it directly to your 3D printer at home or email it to your local 3D printing shop to produce the physical item.

The color will depend on the material it is printed in and it is possible to paint your 3D print which can make for a fun family activity.


Circle base: 2.78" / 7cm

Height: 1.55" / 3.9cm
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I just read this to my 5 yr old and he loved it. It’s great how they include an animation for free because we’ll have something to look forward to tomorrow night too!

- Samantha Higgins -


This is my daughter's new favorite book on the iPad. We’ve read it so many times now, and what a perfect message to teach children.

- Samuel Smith -


This book is gorgeous. You feel like you’re watching a movie the whole time and then there is a movie at the end. My twins are obsessed with Bat now :)

- Patricia Ferguson -