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Can this foam save our seas? With your help, we think we can!


Are you ready for this jelly? Introducing JellyFoam,
the world’s first packaging material that is customizable, biodegradable, and dissolves in water!

With the marked increase of e-commerce, now is the best time t innovative, more eco-friendly packaging solutions that don't compromise your product or performance.

With JellyFoam, you can operate your business while minimizing waste. Add this to your company's selling points and convert customers into ambassadors.

Game Changer

Regular foam pieces don’t break down completely, they just break into smaller pieces that marine life mistake for food. This won’t happen with JellyFoam!


JellyFoam is made from naturally-derived ingredients and is safe to ingest. They dissolve in water too, so no unsafe choking hazards and potential poisons for our favorite sea creatures!

Handle With Care

JellyFoam is soft and smooth so it won’t scratch delicate of products. Though soft, it’s also firm enough to keep your items safe, secured and still during shipping.

Jellyfoam can be used as packing peanuts to surround items, or have
JellyFoam packing trays custom-made for fragile items or items with particular shapes.

Spread The Word!

We want to reach as many people as possible so we can start saving our sea creatures sooner. Help us make the world a better place with eco-friendly JellyFoam!


Share this link with your family and friends who run small businesses, or even write to your favorite shop and ask them to switch to JellyFoam!


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