Get to Know Us

Our Mission

We want to rethink how home goods are made and their aesthetic so we’ve started with a collection of candles. We want not only to be the best smelling candles, we also want to be the best candles visually. We have come up with a unique selection of beautiful geometric shapes that look amazing standing solo or in combination, as you make your own mini art installation.

Embla candles are a great conversation starter. However, we’re not just about conversation, we’re about conservation as well. In our continuous efforts for sustainability, we have invented Embla Tokens, the metal pieces at the bottoms of our candles. Collect five and send them back to us for recycling. In return, we’ll reward you with a free candle of the same design. Embla candles don’t come with containers and we recycle our Embla Tokens so there is zero waste. Even our packaging is completely recyclable for a sustainable future.

All Embla candles are made from 100% beeswax, being the highest quality, longest burning and only hypoallergenic candle material there is. Bees are not just a big part of what we do, they are also crucial for the survival of our ecosystem. This is so important to us that we are donating 10% of every Embla candle sold to Planet Bee Foundation, a non-profit organization that teaches children how to save the bees.

It’s our forward thinking and ceaseless commitment to quality that seems to set us apart and keeps the fire inside us burning. By debunking existing myths about candle making and making up new rules of our own, we strive to push the artform forward. We have embraced major technological advancements by using 3D printing to help us get our unique shapes, and Augmented Reality to let you preview these shapes in your space and how they look with your existing décor. Our candles are all designed, developed and produced in-house to take the quality of candle making to the next level.

Made in USA

Bee the Change

All Embla candles are designed and handcrafted in our studio in San Francisco.


Embla products leave zero waste, and all components are completely recyclable.

10% of all candles sold are donated to Planet Bee foundation.

100% Natural Ingredients

We use the highest quality materials derrived from nature.

The Embla Story

A couple from opposite sides of the world met in San Francisco while studying art. Greg Perkins from Australia and Evgenia Valieva from Russia. They had both recently finished their degrees, Greg as a 3D artist and Evgenia in advertising. The couple had one thing in common - they shared a love of modern products for the home. Greg and Evgenia noticed that technology had been changing at a rapid pace, but the aesthetic of home goods has always stayed the same.

Together they formed Embla, by combining their shared passion for art, technology and home goods. Utilizing the advantages of 3D modeling and 3D printing, they were able to create a line of never seen before candle shapes, using all natural and organic materials.

For years, they refined their candles and handcrafted each one in San Francisco, selling them at local pop-up shops. People loved them. Their team quickly expanded to multiple continents and their candles are now appearing in stores around the world.

The name Embla comes from Norse mythology. Embla was the first woman to be carved from an elm tree by three gods, and in a similar way, each piece is digitally carved as it begins life in 3D modeling software.

Embla founders in Grasse, France