December 06, 2019 2 min read

At Embla Home, we're very thankful for our customers who've purchased all our wall art thus far! Currently, we only sell canvas prints, but we're very appreciative of those who ask us if we sell frames as well. We're working on it and we hope to offer frames in our line-up soon!

For now, we're happy to help our customers find frames to fit their wall art needs. We highly recommend finding a custom framing service in your area so you can get the perfect fit and finish for your space. If you'd like something a little more readily available, here are some of the frames we recommend. These have also been recommended and used by our customers as well.

1. IKEA Fiskbo Series
The frames of the IKEA Fiskbo Series come highly recommended because they are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They also come in a number of cute colors, so you can find one to best complement your wall art. 

In Photo: Valerie A.'s Geometric Sun Landscape in 20" x 28" / 50 cm x 70 cm size in Black IKEA Fiskbo Frames.


2. Michael's Trendsetter Poster Frame
The Trendsetter Poster Frame from Michael's is also a popular choice. These frames accommodate a lot of standard sizes, our canvas print sizes included.

In Photo: Katie C.'s Geometric Sun Landscape in 24" x 32" / 60 cm x 80 cm size in Black Michael's Trendsetter Frames.

In Photo: Pastel Gold Canvas Printsin 24" x 32" / 60 cm x 80 cm size in White Michael's Trendsetter Poster Frames.

3. Frame It Easy

Frame It Easy allows you to create inexpensive custom frames and even allows you to preview you with your artwork. 

In Photo: Karen D.'s Geometric Sun Landscape in 20" x 28" / 50 cm x 70 cm size in Frame It Easy Custom Gold Frames.

4. Walmart Frames

In Photo: Bobbi L's Flower Crown Animal Canvas Prints in 12" x 16" / 30 cm x 40 cm in Studio 500 Walmart Frames (Value Pack Set of 4)

5. Hobby Lobby Custom Framing

Some of our customers found an inexpensive custom frame option at Hobby Lobby and they often have 50% OFF deals. Bring your wall art pieces to the store to ensure the best fit.

6.  Other Online Retailers
There are a number of online options for frames as well. Some customers have found good options at and If you've framed your wall art with any frames from there, please send it our way! We'd love to include it in this blog!

We hope this helps! Feel free to send more frame suggestions and photos of your framed wall art our way! We love hearing from you. Happy Shopping!

Trisha Descallar
Trisha Descallar

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Melanie Iovino
Melanie Iovino

October 30, 2020

I really like the Floral Canvas Prints but cant find any frames in 19×17′" do those even exist?


January 08, 2020

Thank You Kindly for the Frame recommendations!!!

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