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The Buzz About Beeswax

At Embla Home, we only use 100% pure beeswax in the creation of our candles. We hand-pour all our candles right out of our studio in San Francisco, so we want all the love and attention to go into it, right down to our choice of wax.

We choose to use beeswax for a variety of reasons. Beeswax candles burn longest and brightest. The light from beeswax is clean and healthful, its brightness on the same light spectrum as that of the sun. The all-natural and all-organic composition ensures little smoke and minimal drop; in fact, not only do beeswax candles emit less smoke, but they also emit negative ions that cleanse the air and energize the body. Beeswax is also the only hypoallergenic candle material, so it's a great choice for sensitive users.

It's a great choice for bees too. There is a common misconception that beeswax harms bees. We'd like to clear that up. If it did, we wouldn't be using it! Sustainability is a huge part of our ideals, so we wouldn't want to use materials that aren't ethically or sustainably sourced. 

Photo by Scott Hogan on Unsplash

In using beeswax, we support our beekeepers. In supporting bee products, we encourage our beekeepers to breed more bees and maintain more hives. Bees, in the more recent years, have experienced a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, where many worker bees disappear from the hive, leaving the queen, a few nurse bees, and a stock of food on its own. Not only does this harm the bees, but it harms us as well. The economic repercussions of the Colony Collapse Disorder reach the billions, and if we don't do our part in helping the bees, all of us could suffer. 

Beeswax does not harm or kill bees. Beeswax is a natural substance secreted by bees in order to build their hives. Beeswax is what caps the honey-filled cells, and is removed during the honey harvesting process. No bees are harmed during this process. Experienced, ethical beekeepers know how to harvest wax and honey from hives in such a way that ensures no harm to the bees and that the bees still have plenty for themselves.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

At Embla Home, took a few extra steps for the bees. Before sourcing our beeswax, we took our time in finding a reliable source. Our source of beeswax is a fair-trade farm that ethically and sustainably harvests wax. Beyond that, we donate 10% of our candle sales to the Planet Bee Foundation, a San Francisco-based start-up that helps raise awareness about bees through a variety of activities and education drives.



Light your Embla Home candle and rest assured that your candle has been, from first pour to last pack, is sustainable, ethically, and thoughtfully made.

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