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New Year, New Decor: 5 Decor Picks For a Fresh, Minimalist Space

After the year that was 2020, we don’t blame you if you want to clean out all remnants of the past to make way for a cleaner, brighter future. If you’ve been wanting to go minimalist, there’s no time like the present to get started – or no time like 2021, that is. After the rollercoaster year of 2020, a minimalist aesthetic for 2021 seems like a welcome change. It’s a mindful sense of curation that’s free of clutter, which will make your space feel more open and airy, cool and calm.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking minimalism is plain and boring! Minimalism is all about the things that, Marie Kondo says, spark joy. There are a number of pieces that can be both attractive and evocative without being overwhelming on the senses, all you need to do is find the one that speaks to your sensibilities and sense of self. Check out our favorites below and scroll down for a special discount on everything on this list!


1. Sweet Dreams Canvas Prints

These cute calligraphy panels are simple but meaningful in design. After a deep clean and the thoughtful tossing of unwanted items, our Sweet Dreams Canvas Prints are perfect for the bedroom to remind you to keep this safe space a sanctuary of sleep and rest.

2. Perpendicular Perspectives Canvas Prints

These architecture-inspired canvas prints are perfect for giving your space a very strong, industrial appeal. With clear lines and dynamic views, our Perpendicular Perspectives Canvas Prints will add depth and drama to your newly painted wall.

3. Dip Dye Blue Minimalist Vases

Need that pop of color? Our Dip Dye Blue Minimalist Vases might be what you're looking for! Add a gentle blue hue to your space with a vase or two. Choose your favorite shapes for a quirky yet classy display in your space. Flowers not needed if they're not your thing!

4. Brush Strokes Canvas Prints

Minimalism does't have to be still and static! Breathe life into your space with our Brush Strokes Canvas Prints! These painting-inspired wall art pieces are bursting with life and movement, making for a dynamic, visually interesting addition to any space. There are a lot of variations available for this set all with the same aesthetic, so mix and match and it won't look messy!
If you're into the monochrome look, you'll love our Optical Illusion Canvas Prints. A pleasing play of light and shadow, these nature-inspired pieces are  interesting to behold and eye-catching in any space, creating an automatic accent piece that draws the attention while adding a calming sense of depth.
Like what you see on this list? Add it to your cart now! Use promo code FRESHDECORMINIMALIST for 20% off everything on this list. Order now and get it by January so you can start 2021 fresh!

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