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New Year, New Decor: 4 Decor Picks To Bring The Outdoors Indoors In 2021

2020 was all about spending time indoors. We've redecorated bedrooms, set up home offices, and rearranged furniture to make the same space look and feel great. Nothing is as great as the great outdoors, though, so this 2021, bring some of the great outdoors indoors! Check out our favorite nature-inspired decor picks, and read until the end for a special discount!

1. Mountain Majesty Canvas Prints
Oh, to feel small and humbled by the glory of a mountain! Our Mountain Majesty Canvas Prints feature breathtaking views of forest and mountain sceneries and the majestic creatures that roam them. Display a single piece as the focal point of any room, or showcase two pieces side by side for a visually striking pair. 


2. Gentle Waves Canvas Prints
Are you more of a seaside kind of person? Escape to a seascape in an instant with our Gentle Waves Canvas Prints. Dip into a swirling sea of whispering waves, just be careful not to daydream!

3. Lucky Bay Aerial Framed Wall Art
If you can't wait until international travel is totally safe again, bring something from the other side of the world into your home with our Lucky Bay Aerial Wall Art! This wall art comes framed and features original drone photography by Josh Perkins that showcases the lush coast and clear, turquoise waters of Lucky Bay in Western Australia.

4. Ocean Deep Canvas Prints

Dive right into our Ocean Deep Canvas Prints! This wall art is inspired by the textures found in marble, but rendered in multiple shades of blue to really give off a cool water vibe! Add a splash of color – literally! – to any space with these eye-catching ocean-inspired prints!

Like what you see on this list? Add it to your cart now! Use promo code FRESHDECORNATURE for 20% off everything on this list. Order now and get it by January so you can start 2021 fresh!

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