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New To Embla: Augmented Reality, Now A Reality

The Embla website has gone through a complete makeover in the last couple of weeks. Everything has been revamped and redesigned to make your candle shopping experience more seamless and enjoyable. If you haven’t done so yet, do give https://emblahome.com/ a try and explore all the new features we have to offer.

One of the most often mentioned difficulties of online shopping is imagining how a product would look like in real life. High-quality photos help a lot, sure, and the provided dimensions more or less give you an idea of how big something measures in real life. However, when it comes to buying something decorative like an Embla candle, something that is purchased for both its function and form, it would really help if there was some way to immediately visualize how a new piece of décor or a statement accent piece would work in a current space. Is it too big or too small? Does it work with the aesthetic of the interiors or your items already in place?

Now you can save yourself the guesswork and just use your phone.

Embla always strives to bring high-tech into candle making and now is at the forefront of firsts once again. Embla is the first candle company to integrate augmented reality (AR) into your e-commerce experience. Now, you can check out what Embla candles look like in any space or on any surface. You don’t need to download any fancy, complicated apps, you just need the latest version of iOS.

To try it out, simply visit our candle page and tap on the little cube that appears on the upper right portion of our product image. This will bring you into object mode, where you can see our candles from all angles. Tapping on the AR option at the top of the screen will allow you to place a true-to-life-sized 3D model of our candles in your space. You can put it on any flat surface until you find the perfect placement and angle for your space.

We’ll let the tech do the talking. Check out this awesome video to see our AR in action:

It’s as close to having an Embla candle as you can get without buying one first – and it’s also a whole lot of fun. Try it on your bedside table, bathroom, or dining room. Browse https://emblahome.com/ on your phone now – and to celebrate this release, use the promo code NEXTLEVEL at checkout to get 25% off your next order.

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