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Meet Scaredy Bat – And Our Children's Section!

Have you ever met a bat who's afraid of the dark? We're sure you haven't yet! That's why we are super excited to introduce you to Scaredy Bat!

Scaredy Bat is a fun, heartwarming tale of unlikely friendship straight from the imagination of Greg Perkins, Embla Home's co-founder. Kids of all ages will learn a good lesson and have a good chuckle witnessing the friendship form between Bat and Frog. Bat is scared of the dark, but his crying is keeping Frog up all night! Frog has tried everything to get Bat to quiet down – or has he? See how Frog finds a friend of his own and helps Bat through his own troubles – all before sunrise!

Never fear, Scaredy Bat is here! Bring Scaredy Bat into your home as a digital storybook, animated film, or a 3D printed figure! Click here to learn more

Scaredy Bat doesn't walk alone – that's why he brought friends! An entire Children's Section worth of friends!

That's right! Embla Home now has a Children's Section! Our quest to curate the best home goods for you has now expanded into delighting the littlest, most lovable ones in your life. For Embla Home children, we have a selection of adorable wall art, beautiful wall decals, and even cute active playsuits like rompers and onesies! There's something for kids of all ages in our Children's Section – your inner child might like a canvas print or two as well. Check out a preview below, or click here to view them all!

Pink Flamingo Dream Wall Decal

Blue Floral Wall Decal

Here Kitty Kitty Toddler Romper

Bear Cub Baby Onesie

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