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Make Every Day Feel Like Valentine’s Day With These 4 Self-Care Ideas

Show yourself a little bit of love! Love is not limited to the month of February, it’s definitely a year-long thing! Love is a commitment you make not just to other people but more importantly to yourself. Here’s how you can make every day feel like Valentine’s Day and show yourself some love all year round!


1. Buy yourself a bouquet.

Why? Well, why not? Who says you need a particular occasion to enjoy some blooms? Fresh flowers tend to be overpriced during the Valentine’s season anyway pick yourself up a bunch from your local florist the next time you happen to pass by. You’ll be supporting a small business and making yourself smile.

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2. Impromptu road trip!

You don’t need to plan anything extravagant or extensive. What’s the nearest beach you can drive to, for example? Why not allow yourself to check it out? Bonus points if you arrange your schedule so you can check it out on a weekday! Less people around, more time for you.

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3. Take a Monday day off.

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take your vacation days! Give yourself a loooong weekend for no reason other than staying in bed a little longer. Instead of rushing out into the day, wake up without an alarm, allowing the sunlight to naturally touch your eyelids and rouse you from sleep. What a dream!

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4. Shop online.

What are your online shopping packages, after all, if not gifts to yourself? Getting your shopping fix in your pajamas, what could be better than that? If you’re supporting a small business while you’re at it, then everyone wins? That hand-finished beeswax candle or that framed beach wall art you’ve been eyeing? You totally deserve it! Add it to cart already!

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