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How Your Space Affects Your Psyche

When we think about interior design, we often think about how things look in relation to one another. What’s not always accounted for is how these things feel in relationship to us. Our decorating decisions have a direct effect on our emotions, mindset, and overall wellbeing. How we furnish our home also has an impact on how others perceive us as well.

Here are four interesting ways that your space affects your psyche.

1. Color is the biggest influence on your mood at home.
This isn’t surprising, considering that our choice of paint or wallpaper covers a lot of our home’s surface. Consider looking at books on color theory to find out how the colors around you affect your mine. If you’re feeling a little stuck, go with a three-color set instead of just one shade. Use a neutral color for your walls an floors, a calmer, more muted color for your furniture, and a statement shade to add a pop of color to accessories.

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2. Empty space gives you a feeling of abundance.
It sounds ironic, but it’s true. Having fewer items in a space can make everything feel fuller. The trick here is creating depth and scale. If you want a room to appear larger, look for furniture that is slimmer and scaled to size. Use large wall art to create depth and dimension and up that wow factor to anyone who walks into your space. Utilize large windows to maximize your ambient lighting.

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3. Calm down with a bit of green.
There are many studies that have proven that being green is good. Being in close proximity of plants can elevate one’s mood and mindset. Plants have also been shown to improve concentration levels and memory retention, since the simple sight of something alive and from nature already has calming effects. Consider adding a few low-maintenance plants in your space to make it a welcoming haven for you and your guests. Choose a planter for your table to keep your plants close at hand, or opt to hang your planters on walls if you can’t spare the counter space.

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4. Consider the material of the items in your home.
This is a concept rooted in the ancient art of Feng Shui. Shapes and textures should ideally represent the elements of the natural world. Look at the items around you and consider how they make you feel, or the mood you want to achieve. Furry items like rugs and carpets bring about a sense of warmth. Wooden items convey health and growth. Metal elements in decor pieces, like clocks, vases, or accessory trays, convey a sense of independence and strength. Find an element with an attitude you want to convey and decorate accordingly.

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However you choose to design your home, decorate mindfully. Home is where the heart is, after all, so make sure everything you put in it is absolutely loved by you – and, well, loved by the people who curated it for you. We’ve put all these thoughts and more in our collection of home goods here at Embla Home. You’re overdue for a home makeover and a mindset shift, so check out our selection of wall art, vases and planters, and accessories now!

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