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How To Quarantine & Chill With Embla Home

We've all been spending an unprecedented amount of time stuck at home. Sheltering in place is driving everyone a little stir-crazy, but at Embla Home, we like to think of it a little differently. Instead of being stuck at home, we prefer to think of it as safe at home! One word makes all the difference in mindset. We're all doing our part to save lives and #FlattenTheCurve.

Aside from staying safe, we're also taking this as an opportunity to catch up on our self-care. The world we lived in moves way too fast anyway, so we're using this time to give ourselves a much-needed change of pace. Here's how we to Quarantine & Chill with Embla Home!


1. A Soak In The Tub

Most days are a rush of quick showers in an attempt to get to where we're going in the fastest time possible. While you shelter in place, take your time with a relaxing soak in the tub. 

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2. Redecorate

If you had to haphazardly set up your home office in some presentable part of your house, do yourself a favor and make it actually feel like a nice place to be productive. Whether you're typing away in your living room, on your dining room table, or even your bedroom, enhance your new workspace with some new wall art! Since you're going to be home a lot, might as well prettify it!

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3. Healthy Eating

It may be tempting to binge on all the sweets and snacks, but during these times, it's best to hold back. Nourish your body with fresh food. It'll make you feel better and boost your immune system, a good thing to observe with a nasty flu virus going around.

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4. New Threads


It may be tempting to lounge around in the same outfit for days on end (who's going to see you anyway), it'd be so much better to slip on something clean – and cute! Our Quarantine & Chill shirt is going to be your new favorite this shelter in place season. High quality print on breathable cotton means you can really chill while in quarantine – and even wear this out afterward!

Choose from a light shirt for chill vibes or a sweatshirt so you can achieve the ultimate quarantine comfiness, or both!

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Don't forget to use the promo code GETEMBLA for 15% off all your shelter in place self-care essentials. See you on the other side!

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