How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home

Valentine's Day is fast approaching – how time flies! Are you already making plans with that special someone?  Is waiting in line for a cramped two chairs at a fully booked restaurant sound appealing to you? Probably not. Do you really want to spend it in an overcrowded restaurant with some overpriced flowers, wearing uncomfortable formalwear, just like everyone else? Save yourself the time, money, and inconvenience. Go for something a little more original and a lot more chill. A date night at home can be just as, or even more romantic! Here are six tips to help you set the mood for love at home:

1. Still Look Nice
Just because it’s a date night at home doesn’t mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed! The environment may not be as uptight as a formal dining set-up, but still, make the effort to look clean and polished to really keep the romantic date atmosphere up.

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home
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2. Clean Up Beforehand
Don’t let a stack of papers or a pile of unfolded laundry break the romantic spell! You don’t want to be picking up stuff while you show your date around, do you? Put as much care in your space as you do yourself. Do some dusting, mopping, and tidying before your date. It’ll help elevate your environment and make that good impression.

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home
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3. Maintain The Mood Lighting
Lighting is a subtle but effective way to control the ambiance of your home. It’s a great opportunity to set a mood, but it’s often overlooked. Don’t neglect this if you want to keep a romantic set-up for your stay-at-home date. Keep a relaxed, more intimate feel by lowering your light and keeping the colors subdued. Soft, warm light is very flattering to any person’s features. Lay out some Argyle Candles or Pentagon Candles as stylish centerpieces for your dining table to achieve this effect.

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home

4. Get Rid of Distractions
Unless you want your evening to consist of purely a Netflix binge, keep the TV off. Turn off your laptop and set your phones aside. You’re usually distracted by your phones in daily life, so take an hour or two away from them to keep the night truly special.

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home
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5. Stimulate Sound and Smell
Sound and smell are often neglected, underrated senses, so keeping them in mind will make you look like a thoughtful, thorough date. Maintain that romantic environment by preparing a playlist of romantic tunes. Go for acoustics, soft jazz, or folk-pop, so that everything is relaxed and refreshing. Depending on your individual tastes in music, you have the choice between playing some shared favorites or going for an all-instrumental album. Don’t forget to stimulate the sense of smell too! Our Diamond Candle in Rose Musk is arguably the most romantic scent from our French Collection. It’s regal and romantic, the perfect complement to a bouquet or flower arrangement.

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home

6. Have A Plan… But Don’t Stress About It!
Now that you’re both at home, what’re you going to do? Will you be cooking dinner together, playing some board games, hosting a wine and cheese sampler night for two? It definitely helps to have a plan in advance, an overall idea of how to go about the date. However, don’t stress too much about sticking to it! Go with the flow and feel each other out. Do what comes naturally to both of you, whether that’s running overtime with one activity or simply lazing around, lost in conversation. Love is definitely in the air!

How To Have A Romantic Date Night At Home
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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