How To Decorate With Vases Without Flowers

Vases and planters were once used only for flowers and, well, plants. It was a pretty way to use old heirloom gifts and wedding presents, but it got pretty unimaginative over time. Today, vases and planters can find their way into the contemporary home without a fancy floral arrangement. All you need as a modern design and some artistic placement to create a great visual with vases. If you’re not one for the florals, check out our four ideas for decorating with vases without flowers.

1. Great In Groups
If you have vases with a variety of heights and shapes, cluster them together in one corner for a charming visual. This technique works great with various vases if you want a kitschy look, but works best when vases come from the same design line for a clean, cohesive aesthetic.

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2. Desk Buddies
If you have a bunch of knick-knacks and baubles crowding your desk, you can use planters to organize them. Small ones can hold things like paper clips and coins, keeping your desk clean and looking oh so stylish.

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3. Cool Contrasts
Create striking visual contrast in your space. If you have a light wall, place a dark-colored vase against it; conversely, if you have a dark wall, use a light-colored vase instead. This will immediately draw the eye towards the difference, then to the appreciation of the overall design aesthetic. This works great for singular vases for impact, or in conjunction with our first tip for a dynamic visual group.

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4. Same Same
In contrast to the previous tip, putting similar color palettes together creates a very soothing, calming visual aesthetic. Dark on dark carries a very bold, dramatic effect, while light on light makes for a very airy, unified feeling. Check out which mood matches your space best, and place your vases accordingly.

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All of the above are available right here on Embla Home, so shop around for ideas and inspiration. Whatever you decide to do, all you need to do is think outside the flower pot. Experiment with various uses of vases in your home by following these tips and your gut, see how you can surprise yourself with design!

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