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Finding The Perfect Frame For Your Wall Art

So you bought canvas prints, now what?

Framing options seem so vast and intimidating from color, style, size, matting or no matting,
custom or store-bought and before you know it, you've scared yourself!
So your hopes of a dreamy gallery wall (the ones you ogle on Pinterest and Instagram) 
don't come to life- we've been there and we're here to make it easier for you. 

So we went to IKEA and conveniently sourced classy, high-quality and affordable styles
you can choose from that will pair beautifully with 
the prints you just purchased. 
Matting or No Matting?
Matting is that extra removable white border included in some frames.
It's a nice design element that adds breathing room for your print.
If you have a set of 3 or 4 prints, we suggest using at least 1 frame that has matting
to mix in with ones that doesn't (Yes! Don't be afraid to mix and match!)

Pro-tip! You can get away with smaller canvas sizes for frames with matting and make
them look larger since only a smaller area will be visible, just use masking tape to
hold it in place behind the border. 

In photo: Live In The Now Canvas Print Set - 30x40cm
Frames: (Left) FISKBO 30x40cm, (Right) RIBBA 30x40cm 

It's great that our canvas print sizes come in common wall art dimensions
so they're flexible towards multiple frame collections. 

In photo: Flower Crown Animals Set of 3 - 30x40cm
Frames: (Left) RIBBA 40x50cm, (Right Top & Bottom) FISKBO 30x40cm 

A rule of thumb is taking into account your wall's color and your print design.
For example, if your print has a lot of white space and you want a soft cleaner look,
it's safe to go with a white frame. Another way to go about it is highlighting subtle colors,
like the example below we are taking the hints of gold from the text and making it shine
with a complementing gold frame.  

In photo: Oh Baby It's A Wild World "Pink Cabin" - 30x40cm
Frame: SILVERHÖJDEN 30x40cm

In photo: Kintsugi Set of 3 - 30x40cm
Frames: (Gold) SILVERHÖJDEN 30x40cm (Black) LOMVIKEN 30x40cm
Gallery Wall  
Start with a plan, lay out your prints on the floor and find the best layout.
Next, layout your frames to visualize. 

Pro-tip! Save the product paper inside which you can masking tape on the wall
as a guide on where to put your wall hooks.                                                        
In photo: Abstract Watercolor 40x60cm, Live in the Now Set 30x40cm

Frames Left to Right: (Aluminium) LOMVIKEN 50x70cm
(White) RIBBA 30x40cm, 40x50cm and FISKBO 30x40cm


We hope this little guide helped you find the perfect pairing for your wall decor,
for more inspiration you can follow our socials on Facebook and Instagram.

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