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Decorative Wall Art Under $60

Decorating on a budget? We get you. Sometimes it's just a matter of balancing neutral functional pieces with a touch of design and color! Though going to shops can lead to pretty tempting pieces, less could be more (when it comes to making your space look spacious) avoid clutter and check first with what you can utilize and what you can step up!

We've rounded up some of our best-selling canvas print sets under $60 (free worldwide shipping too!)  

Geometric Sun Landscape $54.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Pastel Gold $51.95
Set of 3 (Styles B,C,E) - 30x40cm

Flower Crown Animals $55.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Princess Ballerina $58.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Abstract Watercolor $54.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Waves $41.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Gentle Waves $56.95
Set of 3 - 30x40cm

Looking for frames? IKEA round-up of tried and tested bang-for-buck pairings with our canvas prints here.

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