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COVID-19 Shop Policy

Hello, This Is Embla Home
We first posted an advisory about the effects of COVID-19 on our shop last May. To remain transparent with our customers, we are posting a second update with the latest information that we have. Read our first COVID-19 advisory here.

Cause of Package Delay
We use regular air mail to send out our packages. This allows us to subsidize shipping costs and offer free shipping for orders above $50 USD. Regular air mail depends on the availability of dedicated freight planes or passenger flights with cargo to transport from country to country. COVID-19 has decreased the availability of such planes, significantly increasing the wait time. We've seen packages stalled for weeks at an airport, waiting for flight availability. SInce a lot of post offices reduced number of workers for social distancing measures it affected the rate the incoming packages get scanned. Canada and Australia have been affected the worst and is limiting the number of incoming international mail. 

Use of Fulfillment Centers
Our San Francisco office is currently closed due to COVID-19 but our online store remains operational. We use sorting centers and shipping agents to help us pack and ship items during this time. Depending on your order, we ship out from various locations in the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and China. This is why items in the same order may sometimes be shipped in separate packages. Please check out our Shipping Policy page for more information.

Package Loss/Delay Rate: 20%
Of all the orders we've fulfilled during this time, we've found that 80% make it to their destination with no significant delays. Of that 80%, some have even reached their destinations much quicker than expected.

However, 20% of our packages have experienced significant delays and/or were lost entirely due to stalled tracking. This is much higher than our previous pre-pandemic numbers but rest assured we are doing our best to make things right for affected customers.

If you feel that your package may be part of the 20% that has been lost or delayed, please reach out to support@emblahome.com.

COVID-19 Shipping Time
Due to the aforementioned delays beyond our control, please be advised of our updated shipping policy. From the time of shipping, our new wait times are as follows:

  • US Orders: 4-6 Weeks.
  • International Orders: 6-8 Weeks

Canada and Australia orders may experience more delays than estimated due to strict customs and border control. We do not have the facilities to offer expedited shipping at this time. Shipping via regular air mail is still free for orders above $50. However, please note the wait times above.

COVID-19 Replacement and Refund Policy
Embla Home will still refund and/or replace missing packages. However, please be guided accordingly regarding the parameters for package loss:

  • Package Loss: 60 Days No Tracking Update

Your package will be considered lost if it does not show tracking updates for 60 days. If your last tracking update was two weeks ago, we ask for your patience as your package may be on the way still, waiting for an available flight. We thank you for your patience during this time.

We Apologize For Our Shortcomings
Our shop has been operational since 2014. We've gone through many iterations and grown with your support. From candles and candle accessories, we've expanded into home goods for the creation and curation of our dream spaces. With that, our Embla Home family has also grown. We are doing our best to remain operational at this time so we can continue to support our staff members and ourselves. 

We understand your frustration. We are frustrated too but unfortunately these delays are outside of our control. We understand that this is a difficult time, no one wishes for a pandemic to affect packages and postal systems this way. We wish we could do more during this time and we truly are trying to do more given our circumstances.

We are laying out this information so we can be transparent. We hope customers can be guided accordingly. Your patience and continued support is appreciated. We hope to help you beautify your space soon. 

If you need assistance for anything, please email support@emblahome.com. Our customer support staff will attend to your needs as soon as possible. 

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