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9 Habits For A Happier Mind, Body, and Life

The Greek philosopher Aristotle talks about happiness as the entire meaning and purpose of life. We all aim to be happy. Everything that we do, ideally, all adds up to the collective happiness in our lives. Happiness, however, does not come easily. This is especially true in the modern world, as bombarded with are with all the demands made on us on a day to day basis. Some of us walk on rockier roads or take longer journeys. Nonetheless, we all strive toward happiness and work towards it as our noble end goal. The best place is to start is at the very beginning, so here are nine things you can do for a happier mind, body, and life.


1. Read More Books
At the end of a long day, it’s really tempting to just turn on the TV and space out to something mind-numbing. However, too much of a good thing is always bad, and excessive amounts of TV can lead to obesity and anxiety. Do yourself a favor and wind down by reading instead. Reading reduces your stress by stimulating your mind at a quiet, calm pace that’s all on your own. You can also benefit from an expanded vocabulary, a more improved memory, and enhanced writing skills.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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2. Keep A Gratitude Journal

A journal is also a great way to keep your mind in tiptop shape. You don’t have to churn out pages upon pages of novel-like prose a day. The simplest kind of journal to keep is a gratitude journal. Make it a habit to jot down three good things that happened to you today, or three good people that made you smile. If you want to step it up a notch, include three incidences where you were the one that made another person smile. This attitude of gratitude will help keep you optimistic and hopeful for the future.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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3. Meditate
A few mindful minutes can do your entire being wonders. Meditation has been found to have proven positive effects in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and anger. A minute a day is a good place to start, so spare five and get yourself into that habit. Further enhance your meditation experience with a relaxing scent, like our Argyle Candle in Lavender & Chamomile.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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1. Sleep More
Sleep is something we all lack. No matter who we are or what we do, we always find ourselves sacrificing a few hours of shut-eye in favor of whatever else the world demands of us. This shouldn’t be the case. Sleep is vital for our energy and well-being. It helps us learn and process information, keeps our weight and metabolism in check, and improves our overall mood. Start by disciplining yourself about sleep. As tempting as it is to check your email before going to bed or running another round of your favorite video game, get into the habit of setting an alarm clock to remind you to sleep.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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2. Exercise Regularly
Exercise isn’t just for those who want to lose weight. It’s about the release of endorphins and making ourselves feel good about our sweat achievement. The tasks that we need to accomplish in the modern world don’t require much movement beyond the flying of fingers over a keyboard, so we really need to take the time to move the other parts of our body as well. You don’t need a fancy gym membership, even a good run in your nearby park will do! And sometimes, all you need are just seven minutes.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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3. Eat More Vegetables
If you are what you eat, wouldn’t you want to be happy and whole? Increase your intake of sweet vegetables like carrots and corn, and leafy green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage. In doing so, make an active effort to decrease your intake of meat, dairy products, and processed sugars. If you smoke or drink, cut alcohol and tobacco out of your life as well.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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1. Do Some Cleaning
A simple life is a happy life, so take some active efforts towards simplifying your existence by cleaning up where you can. You can start by cleaning your home, give or throw away that which you haven’t touched in two years. Clean up your gadgets by deleting all the apps on your phone that you haven’t touched in six months. On your browser, close all your tabs. You’ll reopen the ones that need to be reopened eventually. Sometimes, it takes a physical act of decluttering in order to declutter your mind as well.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

Photo by Jairus Gallimore on Unsplash

2. Follow Morning Rituals
The start of your day and set up the rest of it. There are a number of accomplished people who swear by their daily rituals as a way to bring order to their chaos, so this is definitely something you can adapt for yourself. Make a conscious effort to starting your morning slowly and deliberately and see what works for your lifestyle. Maybe you can start with a healthy breakfast or some light exercise. Light an invigorating scent like our Pentagon Candle in Applejack & Orange Peel and sit down for some meditation or day planning with pen and paper. Don’t just rush in to accomplish everything. Take your time and allow that sense of steadiness and control to guide you throughout the day.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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3. Volunteer
Volunteering is something that many of us say we’ll do eventually but never really get around to. We say volunteering is an issue of time, but funnily enough, people who do volunteer regularly actually feel that they have more time because of it. What are causes or charities that you care about? Spend some time in a soup kitchen, an orphanage, a senior home, or a pet shelter. However you choose to bring happiness to others, you bring happiness to yourself in the process.

9 Habits For A Happier Mind Body and Life

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Happiness doesn’t just happen. Being happy is a choice, a choice we must actively make and choose every single day. We must, therefore, make happiness into a habit. No matter where we are in our lives, we can all start with a few small, simple steps, in order to bring just a bit more happiness to our mind, body, and life. What do you do to add some happy to your day? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Thank you, I really appreciated this and am passing it on to some people I think will appreciate it as well.

    Ursula Montgomery
  • Tin tức. Những lời khuyĂŞn tuyệt vời

  • Great article! A couple thoughts: There are ways to give back without volunteering at an organized location as well… Look for people in your neighborhood who may need help with their yard, or assistance with children, maybe an elderly neighbor who needs a meal or just a friend to talk to. Additionally, the 7-minute workout has worked in my life for many years. There are apps available to assist with walking you through the exercises and to help you with form. Happy 2019!

    Cristin Bishop
  • I bought my house & moved to the country 20 years ago not knowing about the huge problem of people not spaying/neutering their pets & dumping the unwanted results. I had my dumped dog before I had moved into my house & things took off from there. Have been involved in rescue now for 20 years & it can be heartbreaking but also so rewarding. I encourage everyone to go to your local shelter & adopt a pet.

    Paula Ball
  • I donate blood regularly. I also belong to a group of women here in Florida who knit and crochet items for charity.

    Marilynn Fuller

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