6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City

When imagining the setting of self-care, scenes of nature are usually what come to mind. Who wouldn’t want to meditate by the sea, the sounds of crashing waves quieting the inner tide of your thoughts, or who wouldn’t find tranquility while walking in a green-filled garden with only the occasional birdsong as background noise? What we wouldn’t give to be this idyllic all the time.

Instead, what do we usually get? The four walls of our apartment in an overcrowded concrete maze. Every day, we meet a hulking portion of humanity on the train or on the street, a grueling daily commute with the harsh sounds of the city. Our hours of work are too long and the hours spent in rest pass by in what feels like mere minutes.

It can be difficult to look after oneself in an environment as unforgiving as that of the city, but it’s not impossible. Underneath the urban sprawl, we can find opportunities to escape or reflect. Here are six ways in which you can practice some self-love while living the city life.

1. Think Positive
It sounds trite but it’s true. Adult life can bog us down, and it’s very easy to let our negative thoughts cloud our judgment. We tend to miss out on the good things about the city because of it. Keep an open mind and keep your senses heightened. Make yourself more sensitive to what your city has to offer, and force yourself to find the good in your grueling commute or those ridiculous crowds.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City
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2. Buy A White Noise Machine
The noise pollution that comes with city living is can drive anyone bonkers. It can be difficult to hear your own thoughts, much less get a good night’s sleep. A white noise machine might do wonders for your sleep and focus. Find one that plays a variety of sounds so you can modify it to suit your mood. Another alternative would be a white noise app, in case you’d rather plug in or play from your phone.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City
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3. Find A Pocket Of Nature Near You
Cities aren’t 100% concrete. Chances are, there are spaces preserved just as they are or enhanced further simply because it was nature’s intention. There might not be a lot, but there might be one near you. Take the time to find your closest park or pond. You’ll be amazed at how comforting the mere proximity of a pocket of nature can be.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City
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4. Have A Go-To Quiet Space
When things get too chaotic, it always helps to center yourself. If city life gets too strenuous, have a go-to place where you can think and be silent. It could be a gallery, a bench in the park, a favorite artisan coffee shop, any place that calms and inspires you. It’d help to know this in advance so you know where to go when you need a quiet pick-me-up.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City
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5. Enjoy A Night In By Yourself
Being out and about can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of social pressure to be sociable on weekends, but there’s no reason for you not to call in some me-time. Instead of planning a full evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing, why not stay at home for an unplanned night of nothing? Light your Diamond Candle in Lavender & Chamomile and curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City

6. Walk When You Can
We as a society are obsessed with speed. We’re always looking for the fastest, most efficient ways to get from Point A to Point B. Dealing with buses, trains, and taxis in order to achieve this goal can be taxing. For those days when you just can’t deal, walk if you’re able to do so. Walking allows you a moment of mindfulness and connection with others. Even if it’ll take you a few minutes longer, the comfort you get out of it will be worth the wait.

6 Ways To Practice Self-Care In The City
Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash 

Remember: Wherever you go, there’s only one you. Take care of yourself, wherever you are. Do you live in the city? How do you practice self-care? Let us know in the comments!



I loved reading this article. It reminded me of the importance of ‘self care’, quiet time each day to just be. Creating a peaceful space at home with the warm glow of a flickering candle is special.


I love it the candle light walk have peace. Be a long by myself i love this

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