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6 Sweet (But Socially Distanced!) Date Night Ideas

Date nights look different now. Valentine’s Day used to be an exclusively in-person affair. The very few times you’d celebrate them in front of screens were caused by separations of time zone, and sometimes, a plane ride was worth the hop.

As COVID-19 continues to affect countless people across the country and around the world, the need to observe social distancing still stands. But, because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, there is the need to be sweet! Just because you have to adjust the regular set-up doesn’t mean you have to tone down the romance. Here are some unique and interesting ideas for a sweet and socially distanced Valentine’s date to remember!


1. Virtual First Date

Recreate your first date and all the fluttering feelings that came with it! Find a photo of the place where you had your first date and use that as your Zoom background! If you remember what you wore, dress up in the same clothes, even if it’s just from the waist up. If you went to a restaurant, put on mood lighting and order in from the same place. It’s a very modern way to take a trip down memory lane.



2. Online Karaoke

Instead of waiting for your turn at a noisy karaoke bar, bring out the duets and have an indoor concert! There are a lot of free instrumentals and karaoke backing tracks on YouTube, share it on your screen and sing your hearts out! Record your call for instant cover songs!



3. Bike Ride and Breakfast

Some activities are safer than others. Overall, it’s better to do things outdoors – while still wearing masks, of course. If you want to see each other over Valentine’s weekend, skip out on the usual crowded dinner spots and go for a morning bike ride! You’ll get fresh air, physical activity, and quality time without all the noise. Don’t forget to pack your snacks! When you’re done with your morning ride,  lay a mat out at a local park and enjoy a quiet, intimate breakfast outdoors.



4. Drive-In Movie

The movie theater is a classic V-Day pre-game. Take it up a notch by going to a drive-in cinema!  It’s a fun and totally retro way of commemorating the love month. You have snacks, social distancing, and a little bit of privacy for some mid-movie cuddles.


5. Write A Love Letter

We’ve been spending so much time on our screens, why not do something the old-fashioned way? Pick up a pen and paper and mail Valentine’s Day love letters to each other. Get creative with your stationery and make sure your handwriting’s nice and neat! You can also send multiple postcards with short messages for reminders of love all around.


6. Thoughtful Gifts

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple for a reason. This Valentine’s Day, put a little twist on the V-Day classic by giving thoughtful florals that aren’t – well, flowers! All beautiful bouquets wither in a week, so why not give something that’s just as beautiful but lasts a little longer?

Check out our list of flower-inspired gifts that aren’t bouquets for ideas and use the promo code LOVE2021 for 10% off your whole purchase!

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However you spend your Valentine’s weekend, we hope it’s filled with all the love you deserve!

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  • Great suggestions, although I would suggest that you include ideas for colder climates in your examples and have the disclaimers related to where permissible by local authorities (since some places do not yet permit concerts etc).

    Christine Chaplin

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