July 20, 2020 2 min read

Here’s one thing you can expect while you’re expecting: You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your nursery! Your baby may be too young to have an opinion on interior design so all the fun of creating a charming space for your little one falls on you! Check out our recommendations for nursery decor, all of which you can find on Embla Home!

1. Flower Crown Animals Canvas Prints
This best seller is a best seller for a reason! Our Flower Crown Animals Canvas Prints are our most popular prints for the young and young at heart. Choose your favorite to act as a centerpiece for the whole room or take the whole set for a pretty little jungle!



2. Princess Ballerina Canvas Prints
Ignite those dancer dreams with our Princess Ballerina Canvas Prints! They’re available in multiple skin tones and hair colors so you’ll find one that your little girl can really see herself in. Pair it with a whimsical unicorn or swan and you’re all set!

3. Oh Baby, It’s A Wild World Canvas Prints
Walk on the wild side, child! Our Oh Baby It’s A Wild World Canvas Prints add a touch of retro which to any nursery. Get all five designs in different sizes and mix and match them up in your child’s room! 

4. Bunny Baby Canvas Prints
It’s not hard to see why this print is a best seller too. Two words: Bunny. Butt. Can’t get any cuter than these! Our Bunny Baby Canvas Prints are great for a room of soothing neutrals. 

5. Baby Yetis Framed Wall Art 
No time to worry about framing? We got you with our Baby Yetis Framed Wall Art! It’s always going to be a winter wonderland of calming blue with original art by Embla's founder Greg Perkins. Frames are available in black or white so you can choose which one works best for your space.


Bonus: Scaredy Bat!

Don’t forget to download our interactive children’s book! Scaredy Bat is the heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship between Bat, who is scared of the dark, and Frog, who is trying to sleep nearby. Can anyone get any sleep before sunrise? Does that sound familiar? Check out this storybook by Embla's founder Greg Perkins! Download it on Apple Books, it also includes an animated short film! To really bring Scaredy Bat to life, check out the figurine here!

Trisha Descallar
Trisha Descallar

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