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4 Modern Lighting Ideas For A Major Space Upgrade

You can have the most tastefully decorated home, but all of that effort in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom will go to waste if your lighting is garish.

Lighting is one of the subtler aspects of interior decorating, but can bring major impact. A brighter room gives off a different vibe than a dimmer room, and the position of your lighting fixtures can have a huge influence on how your space looks and feels.

Lighting is also one of the easiest ways to upgrade or update any space. Update your lighting for 2019 and see what a difference a few bulbs in the right places can make. Check out these five modern lighting inspirations.

1. It’s hip to be square: Get that geometric look.
If you want to instantly inject a modern accent into any space, you can’t go wrong with a little geometric touch. Our Cube Light comes in multiple colors and displays an exposed bulb for a contemporary minimalist look.


2. Make it crystal clear: Try a glass sphere.
When people think of modern decor, they think of sharp lines and defined shapes first. Go against the grain with a Glass Sphere Light. This light comes as a unique, clear, bubble shape, perfect for solo accent lighting or displaying in groups at different heights.



3. A fool for gold: Check out some jewelry inspiration.
A flat, two-dimensional look is great for corner spaces or against blank walls. It doesn’t take too much space and can make a great accent for a living room or reading a nook. Take a cue from women’s jewelry with our Gold-Plated Iron Pendant Light.

4. Blast from the past: Go for vintage vibes.
Contrary to what you may believe, adding a vintage piece to a contemporary space is actually a very modern move. Blend the old and the new with an interesting accent piece that sparks conversation and enthusiastic nods. Our Vintage-Style Edison Pendant Light, for example, looks like a lamp right out of the Industrial Revolution. It’ll give any space a very warm, quirky vibe.


Have a lightbulb moment of your own here at Embla Home! We are so excited to unveil our latest expansion, lighting! Browse through our collection of carefully curated pieces and light up your world today.

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