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5 Ideas For Your Next Redecorating Project

We've been spending so much of our time indoors, it's only natural that we'd want to make our space as homey as possible! If you've rearranged your living room, repainted your bedroom, and retiled your bathroom, what else is there to do? Here are some new ideas for you!

1. Coordinating Throw Pillows
You don't need a whole new couch for a whole new look! Match your favorite wall art with your couch by adding a simple set of throw pillows. It's a simple pattern you can do in your favorite color to really bring your living room decor together.

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2. Vase Experiments
Don't settle for boring vase shapes! Vases aren't just a great way to display fresh blooms, they're also a fantastic way to add an instant accent that you can move around as you will. If you don't want too many colors to throw off the palette of your space, experiment with heights and shapes instead. Experiment with how you arrange your vases, it's an easy, instant way for a visually interesting display.

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3. Gallery Wall
You've already repainted your living room wall. Take it up a notch by turning it into a gallery! Be more playful with how you pick and display your wall art. Choose different sizes and orientations and play around with how to display them alongside one another. Break away from the traditional single row and see where your imagination takes you!

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4. Hunt for Quirky Accent Pieces
Add some wonder and whimsy into your space! Now is the perfect time to make your home a haven for your creativity and imagination. Make your home decor an extension of your personality with toys, figurines, or statues that really scream you! Bonus points if you find pieces that are both fun and functional.

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5. Bedside Table 2.0
Is your bedside table basically your glasses and phone haphazardly piled on top of one another? Sure, it serves its purpose, but you'd be amazed at how a few simple changes to your bedside table can make your bedroom cozier! Displaying your favorite books, framed art prints, even a small plant, will certainly make your bedroom more charming and more you. Add your favorite candle so you can light it as you wind down for the evening.

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What are you waiting for? Take your redecorating to the next level and make your Pinterest board pins a reality! 


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