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5 Beaches In Australia To Visit After This Pandemic


With all the sheltering in place we’ve been doing, we can’t help but daydream about the sun, sea, and surf! A destination beach trip is definitely going to be on top of our vacation wishlist once travel resumes freely and more conveniently, hopefully this 2021!

Did you know that Embla Home’s CEO is originally from Australia? Our dream getaway is also a homecoming! Check out the four beaches in Western Australia that we'd love to visit again – and that you need to visit after this pandemic! Scroll through our selection and daydream with us!

1. City Beach

City Beach is known for having chill vibes all year round. It's quintessential sun, surf, and sand! No wonder it's been called Perth's best beach for how many years running. We can't wait to people watch at an open air cafe again, swim safely in clear waters, catch those wild waves, or simply sunbathe with a glass of award-winning Western Australian wine.


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2. Cable Beach

It's easy to see why Cable Beach is a world-famous favorite! Who can say no to 22 kilometers of pristine white sand, clear blue waters, and breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean? Where else can you enjoy stunning seaside views from atop of a camel? Yes, ride a camel on the beach! Cable Beach is definitely on our must-visit.


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3. Wharton Beach

Wharton Beach is truly a get-away-from-it-all kind of place. It's a beautiful beach and just a well-kept secret. Long stretches of solitary sand go on forever and with an endless horizon, it's a peaceful place to think and clear your head. 

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4. Roebuck Bay

Amid all these blue hues, suddenly, pink! Roebuck Bay is one of Western Australia's most breathtaking natural attractions. It's a fascinating combination of turquoise and coral pink that you don't expect from a beach, but that's what makes it so fascinating to behold. 

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5. Lucky Bay

Known for having the whitest, finest sands in the whole of Australia, Lucky Bay in Western Australia is loved for its picturesque views, perfect weather conditions, and idyllic environment. The clarity of those turquoise waters is absolutely unreal.


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No need to wait, though, Embla Home is bringing the sea into your space! All the beaches above our part of our new Aerial Wall Art series! These original shots by designer Josh Perkins, come mounted and ready for display. Choose your favorite size and style and get your sun, surf, and sand on in your home or office! Click the photos above to learn more or check out the rest of our wall art here.

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