4 Sure Ways To Jumpstart Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care isn’t some one-time, big-time thing. You can’t just soak in a bubble bath or give yourself fifteen minutes of me time once every blue moon. While we do love a good bubble bath, we believe in the idea of sustainable self-care, of self-care as an ongoing habit integrated into everyday life.

Self-care doesn’t have to be grand, nor does it have to be too much of a ritual. There’s this whole idea of needing to take hours and hours and steps upon steps in order to create the perfect environment for rejuvenation and self-love. While there is some value in that, not all of us have that time to spare. However, all of us do need a little more self-care in our lives. So, here are four surefire ways to jumpstart a self-care routine in your life today.

1. Don’t check your texts, email, or social media within an hour of waking up.
The first thing a lot of us do upon waking during the day is checking our phone. For a lot of us, it acts as our alarm clock, so it can’t be helped. Then, from there, we proceed to check our notifications for texts, emails, and other things that need our attention from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can start the day on a very harried note. If you plan on using your phone as an alarm clock, try putting your phone on airplane mode while you sleep and don’t take it out until after a good breakfast at least one hour later. Better yet, get yourself a separate alarm clock!

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2. Meditate for at least ten minutes a day.
Meditation doesn’t have to be an ascetic set of “ommms” chanted for hours and hours on end. Meditation for the modern world focuses on adding just a little more mindfulness to your day-to-day life. There are a lot of free meditation guides on YouTube to help you get started. You can also download apps like Headspace, Calm, or Insight Timer, these allow you to customize the length of your meditation and contain courses specifically for beginners. If you want to add a little boost of focus, you can light our Diamond Candle in Lavender & Chamomile for clarity, concentration, and relaxation. Try sticking to ten minutes a day for at least ten days and see the difference it makes in your life.

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3. Clean your desk at the end of each day.
This can seem like such a chore, especially since it needs to be done at the end of each day, but it’s a good habit to build. We already know that your space affects your psyche, so the place you spend most of your day at will also affect your mood mindset. Take the time to declutter your table and put things back where they belong at the end of each workday. A clear desk makes for a clear mind, after all!

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4. Schedule your self-care like you do social engagements.
We honor our commitments to have dinner with friends, post-work drinks with colleagues, or to visit our parents over the weekend. Why can’t we extend the same honor to ourselves as well? If you have a longer self-care session scheduled, or if you simply just want to spend a night in by yourself, don’t simply treat that as movable. You won’t be constantly rescheduling on your best friend, right? If you do, you wouldn’t be a very good friend to them. So, be a good friend to yourself, and add a little more self-care into your life today.

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