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4 Quarantine Cleaning And Decorating Tips

Since we’re all spending more time at home, we might as well use this to our advantage and get to all of the cleaning and redecorating we said we’d do if we had more time. No time like the present, right? If we’re all sheltering in place, our shelter should be squeaky clean and a sight for sore eyes. Here are some cleaning and redecorating tips to infuse your interiors with some much-needed positive energy.


1. A To-Do List and A Calendar.
Tackling your entire home can seem daunting, so break it down into more manageable chunks. Try going room per room, and even dividing rooms into sections if there’s a lot going on inside. To keep yourself accountable, proceed to assign each room or section to a particular day. Follow this list and rotate your calendar to pass the time and clean your space.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash


2. Imagine The End Goal
As you move large pieces of furniture or lift things out to dust, it helps to keep the end goal in mind. Think of all the space you’ll be clearing out. If you’ve ever wanted to create a reading nook for yourself, now is your chance! If you really want to envision your space, check out the Augmented Reality feature on our website! Seeing where you can put your new Embla Home candles will definitely motivate you to clean!

3. Get Creative With Your Walls

We often think of decor as physical items like vases or throw pillows, but don’t forget the impact that good wall art can have! While it’s common practice to just get wall art of one size, don’t limit yourself to that. Play with the effect that arranging various sizes can have on your space. Check out our suggestions on framing and wall art arrangement for more inspiration.

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4. Take Before and After Pictures
See how far you’ve come. Before you even start, take a photo of your space. Knowing exactly how it looked like before will further motivate you to make the difference as dramatic as possible.

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What are your quarantine cleaning tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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