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4 Decorating Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Small spaces can be quaint and cozy, but depending on how you style them, they can feel cramped and claustrophobic. Don’t go wild and fill up your limited space with needless knickknacks and excessive clutter. Be a little more strategic with your styling and follow these four tips to maximize the decorating real estate of your smaller space. 


1. All white is all right.
White can make any space feel larger and airier, so feel free to go floor to ceiling with white. You can also make your furniture and other accessories white as well. This will trick the eye into thinking that a space is loftier than it really is. For accents, go for either a neutral color palette or a subtle pattern.

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2. Mount your lights.
A nightstand can take up too much floor space, especially if you just need it for a bedside lamp. While you can repurpose other counter spaces in your room for bedside essentials, take it a step further and mount your lighting directly on the wall. This will save space and turn your bed into the perfect little sleeping nook.

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3. Ditch the headboard.
Who says that all beds need a headboard, anyway? Get rid of the headboard altogether, those can take up too much space and make a room feel more stuffed than it really is. Try placing your bed against a window, this will allow you to use your curtains as a headboard and act as a natural focal point for the eye. You can also try hanging wall art above your bed to create the illusion of a headboard without taking up space.

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4. Go minimalist with your frames.
Chunky frames make a wall feel fuller, fast. Consider using the barest minimum when displaying your wall art. A plain black or white frame won’t draw too much attention to your wall and will center the focus on your art. Alternatively, if your art print can handle it, consider displaying it bare for a more relaxed feel.

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You don’t need to be an interior design expert to make the most out of any space. These tips were written with the bedroom in  mind, since we all would love to bask in the solace of our sanctuary at the end of each day, but you can apply these concepts to any small space you may have. When in doubt, go with a single color scheme and remember that less is more. Good luck!

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