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3 Wall Art Framing Ideas From Customers Like You

We love talking about decorating and interior design just as much as you love reading about it. We also love it when you share photos of how you use our items in your space! We’ve heard some of the best decorating and framing inspiration from customers like you, so if you’re looking for some ideas, here are some of our favorites:

1. Enhance your accent pieces with similarly colored wall art.

Wall art comes in a variety of styles and colors, so they make great accent pieces for any home. You can also use them to bring out the color in other your accent pieces as well. In this photo, our customer used our Geometric Sun Landscape in her living room. She has two teal accent pieces on either side of her couch, a shelf and this decorative doorframe, so placing the Geometric Sun Landscape set between them really emphasized their shared color family.


2. Go for the no-frame for a more cohesive look.

If you’re going for a monochromatic palette, wall art is a great way of bringing your pieces together. This customer’s couch and pillows are in the same color family as our Geometric Sun Landscape. To bring the entire space together, she opted for clear mounting to give the pieces a no-frame look. Our wall art ships rolled in a tube, so they can be trimmed and mounted in whatever way best fits your space. Having no visible frames for this kind of look really gives the space a more cohesive color palette.

Even their dog likes it!


3. Add a pop of color to an unexpected space.
Wall art is most commonly used in the bedroom or living room, but this customer proves you can use your wall art in the kitchen as well! If your kitchen is mostly neutrals, you can use your wall art to add a pop of color to it. This customer’s kitchen/dining space is black, white, and brown, and so our Abstract Watercolor Canvas Prints stand out really well. Note the use of black frames here: adding a touch of black to this colorful wall art really harmonizes it with the entire space.

Do you have any wall art framing tips or ideas you can share? Please reach out via email or Facebook, we’d love to hear them and feature them in a future blog entry!

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  • What’s used for the no frame clear mounting?


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