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3 Easy Peasy Ways To Start Spring Cleaning

 Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming and demotivating, especially if you’ve been staring at the same four walls for a while. Now more than ever, though, is spring cleaning an ever important tradition! In clearing our homes of clutter, we clear our minds of all the weight and baggage of the past year. Think of spring cleaning as a big act of self-care, not just for you but the space that you call home.

If you’re feeling lost, here are three ways that you can start your spring cleaning super easily!


1. Room by Room: If your space feels too large, start with a smaller space. Don’t think of it as clearing out your entire abode. Start with a single space! It could be your home office that’s slowly collecting stuff, or your bedroom that hasn’t seen much beyond your pajama pile. Start with a single room and make a checklist for this. Focus on one room at a time.

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2. Sort by Stuff: If your stuff is all over the place, consider consolidating. Make a list of all the stuff you own: clothes, technology, books, what have you. Then, walk around your space and pay attention to only one kind of item. If you’re walking around looking for your clothes, ask yourself: Do you have sweatshirts scattered in your living room, or socks strewn across your home office floor? This can allow you to focus while covering a lot of ground, and will also allow you to inventory the items you own.

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash


3. Decluttering Goals: What are your goals with your spring cleaning? You may find that you have a lot stuff, but what’ll you do with all of it after? Before you even start, create four piles: Toss, for the items that you need to throw out; Donate, for things that charitable institutions may use; Store, for things you need to hold on to but don’t use as often; and Sell, for items that you can earn a bit of money from. Regardless of the kind of item, sort them into these piles. You’ll be able to have a better sense of what brings you joy and what you value in life.

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Bring out the old and bring in the new! Now that your home is spick and span, you can see its potential a whole lot more. Can you see where you can hang new wall art or display some new candles? Visit our website for more inspiration and decor ideas and use promo code SPRING2021 for 10% off everything you need for a fresh new look!

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