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3 Creative Framing Solutions For Your Canvas Wall Art

It’s happened to you before. After weeks of browsing, you’ve finally found and purchased the perfect wall art for your space. It’s absolutely perfect – well, almost. You just can’t seem to find frames for them! Yes, you can go the custom frame route, but that can get pretty pricey, depending on where you live.

We have three creative framing solutions for your canvas wall art. This will allow you to maximize your newest purchase and bring the most visual impact to your space.

1) Traditional Frames
This may seem like a giveaway, but hear us out! There’s a lot you can do with traditional frames. Yes, we’re talking about the ones you can find at IKEA or Michael’s. Our customers have found various options for our print sizes in Michael’s, while those who prefer shopping at IKEA swear by their FISKBO series for their price and color selection.

Take your traditional frames one step further and consider their thickness when you decorate them for your space.

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Thin frames give your space a more contemporary look. They look great in groups, regardless of the size of the print. They’re very clean and work well with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

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Thick frames, on the other hand, give your space a more classic look. While thick frames can look great in groups too, we find that thicker frames work just as well on their own. Depending on how you’ve decorated your space, a single thick frame and the art in it can already serve as an accent and focal point to your space. (Pro Tip: If you’re interested in purchasing a single print from any of our available sets for this, we can accommodate you! Just send us a message!)

2) Mounted Frames

Sure, you may find the perfect frame, but sometimes, that may require you to trim your canvas art. While this is a regular practice for most wall art, we understand that some of you can be iffy with the idea of trimming away at your shiny new piece of artwork! A regular, edge-to-edge frame can cut the composition of your art in a less-than-ideal-way, so we understand the hesitation some of you have with trimming.

An easy workaround for this is a mounted frame. A mounted frame is a window that fits within a regular frame and provides a border and display space for your artwork. This works best when you find frames you like at a size that can cut around certain edges in an odd way. Just get a size larger than regular and have a mount with the exact size of your wall art placed inside it.

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A mounted frame also adds a touch of class and sophistication to any wall art. The border on mounted frames makes even the busiest wall art seem like a clean, minimalist piece, so if you want a clean, simple way to unify your wall art with your decor, a mounted frame might be your best bet.

3) Stretched Canvas

If you really want your wall art to look like an actual piece of art you can find at any gallery, you may want to consider a stretched canvas frame. Like the name implies, a stretched canvas frame is an empty wooden skeleton on which you need to stretch your canvas on from corner to corner. Our canvas art work takes to stretched canvas really well. They come shipped rolled in a tube, so they’re great for stretching over canvas. The canvas on which they’re printed is also really thick, so they’ll be able to withstand the pressure needed for stretching. Plus, the high-quality ink and texture almost looks like paint! Stretched canvas works great for larger prints for that dramatic visual impact.

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Whichever framing solution you choose, you definitely won’t run out of options. Experiment! A single home can have many framing options in it: traditional thin frames might work best in the bedroom while stretched frame may give your living room an interesting conversation piece. Walk around your space and see what works for you! Feel free to send us photos of your space on Facebook so we can chime in as well, we’d love to help too!

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