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20 Easy Ways To Minimize Waste In 2020

Going zero waste is a great New Year’s resolution! Like any New Year’s resolution, it can be difficult to tackle. Don’t let a new decade go to waste – literally! Even the smallest steps can make the biggest of differences if done consistently and conscientiously.

Here are twenty easy ways to minimize your waste in 2020. If you haven’t started yet, the best time to start is now!

1. Don’t leave home without a reusable water bottle.
Don’t forget to fill it up before you leave as well!

2. Refuse a straw with your drink.
All that plastic adds up!

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

3. Make a habit of bringing a handkerchief or a small towel.
Say no to excessive tissue and dry your hands with these instead.

4. Donate unused items or items that are used but still in good condition to secondhand shops.
The secondhand market is a great way to find interesting items at a lower price. Since these items have been made already, you’re minimizing your carbon footprint for its production.

5. Buy secondhand clothing.
If you want to follow trends, say no to fast fashion. Go thrift shopping instead, you’ll help the planet and find some very unique pieces.

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

6. Upcycle!
Get crafty! Try turning old tablecloths and bath towels into kitchen rags and grocery bags.

7. Wash your clothes less.
No, this isn’t as gross as it sounds! Your jackets and denim pants don’t need to be washed after just one wear. Wash them when they start to smell or show visible dirt. Otherwise, you’re fine!

8. Buy in bulk.
Small packaging can lead to a lot of trash!

9. Say no to retail therapy.
That’s how you end up with too many things you don’t need! If you need to treat yo self, treat yourself to an afternoon with a good book, a walk in your nearby park, or an hour of quiet meditation.

10. Host a garage sale or a clothing swap!
This is a fun thing to do with friends! Instead of shopping at the mall, raid each other’s treasure trove!

Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash

11. Don’t toss it, fix it!
If something breaks, don’t throw it out immediately. Try fixing it or having it fixed first instead. Bring worn-out shoes to a cobbler or busted tech to a service center.

12. Try Meatless Monday!
A plant-based diet does wonders for you and your environment, but if you’re not ready for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, Meatless Monday is a great way to start.

13. Add a bidet to your bathroom.
This is a fun device worth looking into! Get fresh and clean without wasting so much tissue paper!

14. Use both sides of the paper.
Don’t just toss your sticky note after taking a message! Use the other side for the next phone call!

15. Bring a foldable grocery bag with you at all times.
They don’t take up much space and can help you minimize plastic bag usage during those last-minute grocery runs!

16. Pay your bills online.
Going paperless is great! Having your bills online means your bill won’t get lost in the mail, either!

17. Ditch the wrapping paper during the holiday season.
It may be paper, but gift wrapper is covered in a plastic coating that makes it difficult to break down. Try wrapping your gifts in a more creative way! Newspaper is a reliable standby. Or, don’t wrap them at all!

Photo by Monika Stawowy on Unsplash

18. Use your dishwasher or washing machine only when it's full.
These use the same amount of water regardless of capacity, so fill them up before you turn them on!

19. Shop local products.
Many local products are made by hand and in small batches, so you can be assured that the ingredients are organic and safe.

20. Use Embla Home candles!
Our 100% pure beeswax candles are truly next-level! We think outside the jar by using our very own Embla Tokens. As a way of minimizing glass use, these small metal tokens stop the heat transfer from the candle to your tabletop. They can be cleaned and reused once the candle has been fully burnt. If you return five of them to us, we give you a free candle! Click here to learn more!

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