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Our Process

Candles have been made the same way for centuries, and our team is passionate about moving this artform forward. In the Embla candle factory, we have developed a signature candle making process that involves digital sculpting, 3D printing, molding and casting. We also freeze each candle with industrial grade freezers and liquid nitrogen. Every piece is poured and cleaned by hand, and every Embla Token is polished to perfection. 

All of this happens in-house, and we have chosen to use the highest quality all natural ingredients, right down to the candle wicks. Our candles don’t need containers and our Embla Tokens are recyclable so there is zero waste.

Our minimalist packaging is not only beautifully designed, it is also made from thoughtfully sourced materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. At Embla, all you get is a beautiful, sustainable, next-level candle.

My daughter is an engineer and to find something that appeals to her concepts of the ideal shape and material is nothing short of a miracle! She adores these candles and I have yet to find one on this site that she doesn't like. I am in the process of ordering two more as she enjoys them so much. Who knew there was even a "fig" fragrance? I tried sniffing figs from the market and got nothing. My daughter says you have to have a fig tree to understand. I guess if you don't live in a climate in which fig trees thrive, these candles are the next best thing!

Erika Resser

I love how unique these candles are, I first found them at the local craft fair and since then, I’ve been addicted.

Christian Dean

These are both the best looking and the best smelling candles! I can never get tired of the apple/orange scent, it’s such a perfect fall fragrance!

Neil George